What is GB WhatsApp? How does is work?


It is the most popular and new version of WhatsApp. It is with many desirable features. it is as it’s missing many desirable features. Gb WhatsApp comes to the rescue. You will find 20+ additional features in GB WhatsApp APK compared to the official WhatsApp. We have shared everything you need to know about Gb WhatsApp on this page. It is an application that is to Facebook’s WhatsApp. In addition, it has extra features that aren’t available on simple WhatsApp. This is not the product of Whatsapp it is the product of a private developer. It is an isolated product. This is not WhatsApp’s official product. It is with many extra features. GB Whatsapp and GB W hatsapp pro are the names fo same whatsapp. do not be confused at all.

Disadvantages of GB Whatsapp:

There are many disadvantages of GB WhatsApp.

It is not a trusted application. it may leak our data. This is a private man who is the owner.

Some people use its extra features such as do not disturb me or disturb mod and double tick etc. they want to show you how cool they are but in reality, they are not excellent but fools.

How does GB WhatsApp work?

Let’s suppose I sent my message to my friend Ali Raza. then all of our chats will be stored on the server of Gb Whatsapp. But then I downloaded the GB Whatsapp to use extra features. But now GB WhatsApp is in between us. but now our data will go first to official WhatsApp and then GB WhatsApp and in the last will go to my friend Ali Raza.The developer fog b Whatsapp si private man. then they sell our data. It is said that ‘’dikhta ha to bikta h’’our data is leaked due to these untrusted applications.

If you want to download GB WhatsApp then click on the download button.

What are the advantages of Gb Whatsapp?


Let us discuss some advantages of GB WhatsApp:

  1. We can transfer and download media and other documents for up to 50 MB which is an extra feature.
  2. It is said and claimed that it is not possible to ban it because it is a ban.
  3. The extra and most beautiful feature of GB WhatsApp so that we can download and view with a click or not click option the statuses of our friends.
  4. It can post our status or any other thing up to 255 characters and simple WhatsApp has almost 140 character features.
  5. You have extra emojis and stickers and wallpapers option.
  6. It can handle multiple accounts with extra and fast features.
  7. It is the most popular and used application for the Whatsapp version.

It is with more privacy policy than the simple Whatsapp. It is also with password protection.

 Enable calls for some users on WhatsApp APK.

How To Download Gb Whatsapp?

It is not available on the play store. but you can download it on the web. some people feel very difficult to download it from the internet. some sites require money and others require the extension of the browser. some people fear that they or their phone can be hacked. but you can also download it o your PC without investment. first of all, your connection to the internet should be stable. then try to download it and if you fail then connect your PC to another wifi. the easiest way to download it is to download it by visiting the site which offers to download it.

what are the features of GB Whatsapp?

There are many features of it.

You can set up a password for your app to secure your messages.

It contains a privacy setting

The option of double click is also available.

The option of blue tick is also available.

The setting o microphone.

Status can be typed.

Issue of emoji resolved.

Extra stickers are also available.

Is GB Whatsapp safe to use?

yes, it is absolutely safe to use. it is updated every week to avoid any type of virus from your device.

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