Wake the Mind Digital Media Program


Eric Thompson is the founder of Subtle Energy Sciences. (He was also the founder and Chief Technology Office at iAwake Technologies, and the inventor of the Profound Meditation Program mentioned below.) Wake the Mind Digital Media Program

What he has created is what Eric refers to as Digital Mandalas that combine stunning digital art with layers of different sound-related energy technology.

“Awaken the Mind is an online media program that broadcasts the amplified energy signature of what’s known as “Awaken the Mind.”

The brainwave pattern :

The brainwave pattern that is featured in the film Awakens the Mind is an unusual brainwave pattern discovered by British scientist C. Maxwell Cade. Cade discovered that the pattern is a result of the combination of meditative states of consciousness along with the normal state of waking in a united condition of the mind.

I have always at the very least a mandala from Eric from my PC and different devices (usually several). Play the sample from the tracks that are included on the program’s information page.

If you’re a sufferer of “energetic sensitivity”, you’ll probably feel the effects quickly. Then you don’t possess energetic sensitiveness, you may be unable to feel anything initially. when this is the case, Eric suggests a variety of ways to enhance and improve the results.

If you’re interested in exploring new technology to aid your meditation routine, check out Awaken the Mind.

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Profound Meditation 3.0 from iAwake Technologies

Are you aware of Binaural Beats and the isochronic sound? It is basically taking two distinct pure-tone frequencies which are close but not exactly the same as each other, one for each ear.

The idea is that by taking note of binaural beats and isochronic sounds at certain brainwave patterns such as alpha, theta delta, gamma and the epsilon brainwave, you can create a different state of mind in a secure way and aid you in your practices of meditation.

I’ve played with numerous of these applications in the market, but iAwake’s unique sound technology is distinct. They go beyond conventional brainwave entrainment to encompass biofield entrainment harmonic layering, dual pulse binaural sounding, and others.

If you have a good headset, the sound plays in the background while you sit and meditate.

This is a full program for meditation that can create psychoactive experiences. The manual included provides everything you need to be aware of to start. These tracks can be perfect to unwind after a long day.

According to me, this is among the most effective tools for meditation that you can employ to begin getting positive results. If you’re looking to test this run…

You can download a free 20-minute track in this application here (along along with other tracks that are free).

Enter the code CEOSAGE25 and get 25% off Profound Meditation 3.0.

Muse Headband

The Muse Headband is possibly the most used meditation tool for biohackers. The Muse headband assists in training your brain to be mindful by providing you with sound signals to stimulate the electric activation (EEG) that your brain produces as you meditate.

By using Bluetooth the Muse transmits the signals to the Muse application on your phone. The app offers live feedback (via different sounds) via your headphones. The more you relax your brain, the more peaceful the soundscape gets.

By using this type of biofeedback, it’s possible to monitor your progress through mindfulness-based training. When you practice using this Headband Muse within only a few hours you’ll experience greater awareness. This means that you’ll become more aware of the moment your thoughts wander which will allow you to return to the present.

Personally, I avoid Bluetooth and wireless devices as much as I can due to my sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies.

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mWave2 from The Heartmath Institute

Heartmath Institute studies the science of the human heart. They were the first to develop a method of measuring what’s known as personal coherence which is the synchronization of the physical, mental and emotional systems. Personal coherence is measured using a mixture of the heart’s rate fluctuation, pulse transit times, and respiratory patterns.


Dave Siever suggests that light frequencies exert an impact more upon the brain’s chemistry than soundwave technology.

However, there’s no reason to pick any one of them over the others. It’s the Kasina Mind Media System is a combination of both modes. The headset comes with six categories that cater to different experience types: Accerlate and Mind Art Rejuvenate Night Voyage, and Trance.

After selecting the category of the program and the track you want to play (descriptions of each are provided in the instruction manual) You can then lay back and take in the entertainment.

QuietComfort Noise-Cancelling Headphones from Bose

Meditation is challenging due to two reasons that are External distractions and internal conversation. In addition, Profound Meditation 3.0 and Kasina aid in reducing internal noise, this software helps limit external distractions.

The wearing of the Bose noise-cancelling headphones is like turning down the volume of the world surrounding you. If you enjoy binaural beats, isochronic sounds or meditating music it will increase your enjoyment. I also utilize this headset when I’m trying to concentrate on a task. They are also excellent to use for flights as they block out the majority of the engine’s noise. Wake the Mind Digital Media Program

Although you can find cheaper expensive noise-cancelling headsets available none are as efficient as these. They work simply. I have one on my desk all the time.

Buckwheat Meditation Cushion Seat in the Soul

A reason I’ve mentioned that a lot of people struggle with meditation is due to inadequate physical conditions. I suggest sitting at the edge of a chair at first when getting started. However, if you’d rather sit on the floor (which offers many other advantages) you can use what’s generally referred to as a Zafu could be helpful.

A Guided Mindfulness Meditation Series

If you’re in search of instructions for meditation that are guided, you should look into this Meditation Guided Mindfulness Meditation Part 1. by psychotherapist Jon Kabat-Zinn.

This meditation program is guided and includes four guided mindfulness exercises lasting 40 minutes Kabat-Zinn, which are used in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program. They are offered at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. There is a vast body of research supporting the effectiveness of this program to reduce stress and increase the health and development of the brain. Wake the Mind Digital Media Program

The reason Meditation is necessary for high Performers

If you aren’t able to regulate your mental, emotional and physical condition during the course of your day. Then this adversely impacts your performance.

The more serene, kind, and centred you are the more productive you’ll be. For entrepreneurs practising meditation could be beneficial to your bottom number.

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