Top Surprising Things Your Nintendo Switch Can Do

 Nintendo Switch 

Top Surprising Things Your Nintendo Switch Can Do

Top Surprising Things Your Nintendo Switch Can Do

If you’re lucky and managed to purchase an updated Nintendo Switch OLED as it was released. It’s also possible to get the original Switch as well as the Switch Light. If so, you’re done! With the console in your possession now, you need to know how to make use of it. There are many small tricks and hidden features to make maximum value from your console. We’ve collected the top ones in this article.


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1. Turn on Your TV

Top Surprising Things Your Nintendo Switch Can Do


Like its name suggests True to its name, the Switch will power your TV automatically or change its input whenever you start it up. Its boot process is wireless. Simply press the home button of your Joy-Con or Pro controller. If you aren’t a fan of the option (not all TVs work with it) you can disable the feature by going to Settings> Settings for TV > Match Power State for TV.


2. Find a Lost Joy-Con


If you’ve lost the Joy-Con controller and you lose it, Switch Switch provides a simple method to locate it. Click the grey Controllers icon at the top of the home screen, and then press to find Controllers. From there, you’ll be able to activate any associated Joy-Con or controller to vibrate at any time. Pick up the Switch and move it around using the vibrate button to turn it off and on until you locate the sucker.

3. Make Friends and Play With Them

The Switch has an online feature, however, it’s not easy to play with your friends. Each game is slightly different, but generally speaking, you’ll need to contact them via the phone or in person and obtain their friend’s number. To locate a friend’s code you need to select your Mii picture in the upper left corner of the home screen and then select “Add Friend”. Tap Search using the Friend Code and enter the digits of their code. If required, you’ll find the code of your friend on the lower right. Once you’ve made friends be sure that you have the game you wish to play. Once you’ve got it, enter the game and create an online game or fight with your friends and invite them to join. You’ll need a Nintendo Online subscription to play multiplayer online or save game files to the cloud.


4. Voice Chat With Friends


After you’ve made friends with the person you’ve become friends with (see above) you’ll be able to converse with them on the Switch Mobile phone app. Some games, like Fortnite, have their own chat on consoles, however, for other Nintendo games, you’ll have installed an app called the Switch Online app on an Android as well as iPhone. Every player must be able to access it at the beginning of a gaming session. After that, you’ll be able to chat with your phone. It’s not the most user-friendly system.

We have our Top Gaming Headsets along with our Top Wireless Gaming Headsets guides offer suggestions for headsets and microphone combos.


5. Pair Bluetooth Headphones



It’s been a long time and now this Switch finally has the ability to support Bluetooth audio. If you’d like to play your games without a wire hanging from your ear You can get it done by going to Settings > Bluetooth Audio> pair device and then connecting your headphones. Check out our guides on the top Wireless headsets along with the top gaming headsets wireless to determine the one which is the best fit for your needs.Top Surprising Things Your Nintendo Switch Can Do


6. Pair Joy-Cons With an Android Phone, Mac, or PC


Joy-Cons live up to their name. I couldn’t help smiling when I realized I could connect with my Joy-Con as well as the Pro Controller with an Android phone. Plus, it’s compatible with Macs as well as PCs (though you’ll require an application similar to JoyToKey in order to make the buttons properly to Windows). It works because Nintendo utilizes Bluetooth to connect to them. Simply press the tiny sync button at the top of the controller for a couple of seconds and the lights will blink and let you know they’re pairing. Look them up within the Bluetooth menu on your phone or laptop and you’re ready to go.


7. Remap the Buttons on Your Joy-Cons


If the way that certain buttons are configured makes it difficult for you to navigate or you’d like to improve your layout so that you achieve a faster hades time you can now modify the mapping of each button on your Switch. Head to System Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Change Button Mapping. You can then change any button to another. Therefore, if you’d prefer to switch ZL and ZR or even use some of them to function as an option to jump then you can do that. There are also options to swap controls on the left and right or alter the default orientation of both.


8. Check Your Battery Life Anytime


The Switch OLED offers slightly more battery life than the first Switch because of its more efficient OLED screen however neither will last so long that you’ll need to check your battery every now and then. To check the battery’s life and also adjust some other settings, like the brightness and volume, press the Home button down when playing the game. After a short time, the menu will pop up immediately! It is also possible to have the Switch display the precise percentage of battery left in the upper right corner of your home screen by pressing ZL as well as ZR in a row or turn it off permanently by going to Settings > Console Battery in System ( percent).

Top Surprising Things Your Nintendo Switch Can Do


9. Save More Battery by Changing Sleep Settings


The main drain on the battery for the Switch (like the majority of devices) will include the display. In the event that you dock your Switch, it won’t be an issue, but when it’s in handheld mode, the screen will remain in operation for 10 minutes before going to go to sleep. It is possible to cut down on much of the battery when you reduce the setting. You can go into the System settings > Sleep Mode> Auto-Sleep (Console) and you can choose to Switch to go into sleep for just one minute of non-activity. Top Surprising Things Your Nintendo Switch Can Do

10. Make Weird, Fun Sounds on the Unlock Screen

The Switch allows you to unlock the device the switch by simply pressing the button 3 times. Have you done it? If yes, you’ll be able to see the software’s Easter eggs. All buttons sound similar however the left control stick right control stick ZL trigger ZL trigger ZR trigger and ZR triggers produce odd-sounding fun sounds, similar to the sound of a clown Horn. Another option to test to hear is the click sound the Switch makes when you touch it at random locations is pressure-sensitive. It can be louder or more in pitch based on how hard or gently you tap.

Once the attraction wears off and it’s preferred to open your Switch by hand, remove the screen lock completely by going into the System settings > Lock Screen and deactivating it.

11. See How Long You’ve Played a Game


It’s easy to determine. Just click your Mii image located in the top left of the Switch Home screen. Once you’re in, click Profile there to see a rough estimation of how long you’ve spent gathering Korok seeds. If you’ve connected with friends (you have to get their friend Code) and you want to check out what they’ve been playing recently, as well! You can create your profile and remove sharing your playtimes from Settings > Users > [Your Name]and Friend Settings.

12. Change Your Region to Access Region-Restricted Games

You can easily change your region by going to the Settings menu, System, and Region. Most games are accessible worldwide, however, some titles might be available in a specific region first. These lists could be helpful in the event that there’s a particular game that you’re hoping to play. Another benefit of moving from the US to a region such as Europe The box art differs for certain games, such as Breath of the Wild. You can also create a brand new user for each region.

13. View the Menu in Dark Mode

Test the Dark Mode by choosing “Basic Black” in Settings > Themes. It might be more comfortable for your eyes than a white background, particularly if it’s Switch in handheld mode. Switch with a handheld device.


14. Attach a USB Keyboard or Headset


The dock has three USB ports that are on the Switch dock. It is possible to plug in all USB keyboards to it and it will be able to use menus to type in details like passwords. Keep in mind that you aren’t able to play games using the keyboard. USB Bluetooth headsets also work. We were pleasantly surprised to discover the fact that many of our older PS4 headsets were plugged into the Switch. Top Surprising Things Your Nintendo Switch Can Do


15. Make Another Profile for an Extra Save Slot


You can find several games that give only just one saving slot. If you’d like more, there’s a quick solution. Create a second user (Mii). Go to settings > users > add a user to create an additional user. Once it is created it will show up as a selection in the game menu when you start a number of games. The choice to select an alternative user will generate an entirely new save file.

If you’d like to do the opposite it is possible to get rid of the User Selection screen and have the system automatically default to your main account when playing games. You can do this by turning the “Skip Selection Screen” On.


16. Transfer Data to a New Switch


If you’ve upgraded to the latest Switch OLED (or you just want to move to a different unit) you are able to transfer your previous profiles as well as game save files, as well as the recordings and screenshots you took from your previous console to your new. We’ve got the complete guide for this process on our website and you should read the whole guide since there are some steps you’ll need to take without a plan however, make sure you have both consoles on hand when you begin.

17. Move Game Save Data to Your MicroSD Card

The default location for your game saves will be saved to the internal storage on your Switch. If you’d like to free up space on your system, you can transfer your game saves onto the MicroSD memory card. Navigate to the System settings > Manage Data and select “Move Data Between System / MicroSD Card.” Choose “Move to MicroSD card” and then select which games you would like to transfer to.

Be aware that Although this method will save your game’s saved games to your MicroSD cards, it is important to note that you will not be able to transfer that card to a different Switch and then access your games saved on the console. If you’ve recently purchased an updated console, read our tutorial on how to transfer saved data from one Nintendo Switch to Another.

18. Perform a Hard Reset if It Freezes

The Switch is quite solid, but it’s resistant to freezes that occur from time to time. Switching off the Switch typically involves pressing Power for a couple of minutes, till the menu for restart is displayed. If this doesn’t work, the best way to fix it is to force a reset by pressing and holding on the power switch for around 12 minutes or as long (just continue to hold). After it shuts down for a minimum of 30 seconds before powering it to power it back up.



19. Use Your Joy-Con Like a Wii Remote


If you’re looking for a nostalgic experience Joy-Cons can be used to control motion in a few games. For example, you can download World of Goo on the Nintendo eShop. Install it, then launch the game using the Joy-Con. The game will prompt you to put the Joy-Con on an even surface and put it on the screen. Once you have done this, you can use it as the Wii Remote, with an onscreen cursor and all!

Top Surprising Things Your Nintendo Switch Can Do

Accessories You’ll Need


Check out the list below of must-have Nintendo Switch Accessories. It is a must to have a one-28-gigabyte microSD card (many games require 10or more gigabytes, and the Switch comes with 32-64) You may also wish to purchase a Screen Protector (I’ve tested it and it’s not a bubble) as well as the USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter If you’re looking to boost your internet connection with the dock that was previously used, even though the latest Switch OLED dock is equipped with an Ethernet port that is built-in it, which is a great feature!


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