The shady story of Bored Bunny NFT

The shady story of Bored Bunny NFT

The shady story of Bored Bunny NFT


The shady story of Bored Bunny NFT

The world of cryptocurrency and NFTs can be very complex however it can be exciting if you know the ropes. As NFTs and cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity with projects like Bored Ape dominating the market, there is a handful that is deemed to be frauds or even suspicious. Alongside those dubious projects are influencers who are paid to promote the excitement, only to see their NFTs go down in value.

How to create sell and buy NFTs?

What is Bored Bunny NFT?

How to create sell and buy NFTs?

Bored Bunny is one of the latest NFT projects one might like to have as an example of what not to do. It was a profitable venture for the majority of those who created one however, that’s not the way NFT projects should operate. Starting from Discord community management to Discord community management, to the art show it was more of an opportunity to earn money for the artists as well as the team, who have been in the dark at every turn.

Let’s start with the idea and art:

The website. It was all influenced by HAPEBEAST which is an art form that has an accurate roadmap, is useful, and is of a much higher quality than the imagery that they’ve been playing with. The website looked like an imitation this was the initial warning sign. The Discord community Discord began to grow at alarming rates, and whitelisting was happening in a way that was too fast, due to the simple initial methods and all you needed to do was to spam the channel until you reached the desired level of user and be on the whitelist in order to be a part of the early mint.


What made the masses of people become fascinated by Bored Bunny when it was an ordinary NFT project?

The shady story of Bored Bunny NFT

The collaborations were featured at times. In fact, the Open sea collection page lists “The Ndeg1 International Boxer Floyd Mayweather, The TOP 100 Youtuber David Dobrik”. Not just these two, however, a specific follower from one of the famous was mentioned as news, causing FOMO for potential buyers who decided to buy one at three times or more than the cost of the mint, without being aware of what NFT will be as the reveal was scheduled for January 8th.

The process of whitelisting was suspect at the time they launched the raffles. The number of participants that were selected through the raffle was constantly changing and the winners’ list increased. Ultimately, everyone who participated in the raffle would be qualified to receive an NFT. Bored Bunny NFT. Now imagine the condition of the pre-sale then what happens during the sale? The pre-sale was over and there would be nothing to sell at the public sale because everyone who participated in the pre-sale had created each of the NFTs.


NFT project:


In any NFT project, whether in any form – such as the contract, team members who work on the project, and even the team members behind it are typically revealed days prior to the date of launch. This was not the case as the agreement was announced at the last moment leaving no time for anyone with the experience of it to think about it since at the point something suspicious is discovered the minting could be completed at the opposite end.The shady story of Bored Bunny NFT

Mod revealing the scam:

Pokemon, one of the moderators who joined the Discord management team based on the chat I read and his detailed Twitter thread, said he didn’t like how the core team was ignoring every legitimate question, and that whatever was asked was something a potential investor would ask too. After trading over 6000 ETH on Opensea, Jeff | Founder’s identity remains unknown. Pokemon never received a team video. As Pokemon mentioned in his thread, the founder was only behind numbers. Every Discord server chat channel was closed at the mint time and never reopened.

Check out the announcements, and general chat area, you will find only posts by the founder who talk about how they proved people wrong with their sales and also what the minimum price is and what is the total collections already. There is no discussion of the future plan or future plans for what they will do next. At the moment, it appears that they would like to see sales happen after the beginning 2000 ETH they received from the mint was distributed across the team, and perhaps the influencers that promoted this project were also paid (or I would hope that they were). The royalty the designer receives is another way for them to earn money from the project if sales keep coming through the Open sea.

Announcements on such large-scale communities usually focus on the way they intend to finish this in the near future, and what they plan to do in Step 2 on the timeline, however, here the founder discusses how to prove someone wrong, and the number of ETH traded to date. This is all supported by the agreements they signed with influencers and celebrities who they have paid for as one-time investments. The shady story of Bored Bunny NFT


The accusations that this project is an omen or a rug are something we were aware would be coming. In every major undertaking, there will be a tiny percentage of those who hate it. We’re eager to show them that they are wrong. We’re going to be big! We’re not going to let anyone down. websites and other bogus assertions our lawyers are already working on the case. The false rumors concerning Bored Bunny and who we’re up to will be a thing of the past!

Our floor price has almost tripled in just three days. the volume trade has surpassed 4,200ETH and we are continuing to attract crucial and long-term supporters to our venture. The BB holders community is incredibly committed to the project’s future success. the number of owners with unique ownership is growing and our team will continue to deliver the promised results! The shady story of Bored Bunny NFT


As we write this article and the price is constantly rising because of the announcement. Being a part owner of an NFT is an excellent choice however if you own something solely because it is well-marketed and without a vision for the future There isn’t a bigger warning than this. It is possible to be wrong later should the company’s founders decide to continue with hundreds of collaborations to keep this huge fraud going however, for me personally, I’m not investing in a business that is based on money like this.

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