Nipple piercing



Perforating your nipples is extremely positive for your body. The nipples that have been pierced are often sexier, which means they are not overlooked when wearing a tight shirt. Women and men who are having their nipples cut to show off their rings with piercings from their nipples proudly to prove that they’re not scared of their bodies. Nipple piercing

Other people who have their nipples pierced just enjoy the appearance. The look of the rings on your nipples isn’t required to be visible, but it can be fun to sport a unique design that only you can tell you own.

Whatever the reason behind getting your nose pierced, it’s important to be ready for a long post-treatment journey. The nipple isn’t an easy piercing to heal and you’ll need to keep your piercing in good condition throughout its healing period.  This can be anywhere from a few days to 1 year.


A lot of people say that it’s not as painful as they thought however, you’ll be feeling some discomfort. The nipples are a very sensitive region within the body. If you poke a needle into them, it can cause pain. Nipple piercing

The good thing is that pain will last only for a few seconds after the needle is piercing the skin. Following the piercing, you may experience some discomfort and sensitivity several days following the procedure but it shouldn’t become uncomfortable.

For nipple piercings in particular it is important to choose the piercer who you are confident and you feel at ease with. In most cases, you will need to schedule an appointment to have your nipple punctured as they’ll set aside an area that is private for you.  If you ever feel at any time during your appointment you’re uncomfortable or nervous, inform them now. They will try to do everything they can to make the experience effortless for you.

Nipple Piercings Healing

 It appears to be healed on the outside, but it is completely healed inside.

Since the nipple piercing process takes an extended amount of healing time, people who are having their nipples surgically punctured tend to prolong the healing time by not taking care of their aftercare at the right time. They think that their Nipple piercing is fully healed and they then change the jewelry that pierces their nipples. Because they change the jewelry they harm the skin that is still healing in the inside part of their piercing. This is the reason why complications such as bumps from nipple piercings develop.  To prevent this from happening, you should be patient when changing the nipple jewelry that you use to pierce until a piercer has verified that it is safe to change it.

Nipple Piercing Aftercare

Nipple piercing post-care isn’t different from the post-care for any other piercing. Just clean the piercing 2 times with the saline aftercare spray or soak as per the instructions of your piercer.

Be aware that saline solution (salt along with water) is the only product you apply to heal your nipple and nipple-piercing. Skin that heals is very sensitive, especially the skin around your nipples. These chemical ingredients can harm the skin, causing things like nipple-piercing bumps.

Here are some more methods to take care of your nipple piercing so you don’t have any piercing issues and enjoy a smooth perforation.

The no-nipple is a particular rule to follow when you have pierced your skin in the hopes of spicing things up in your bedroom.

Wear loose cotton bras or shirts during the healing process:

Jewelry snagging may be a significant issue for the nipple or piercings. Jewelry snags are not only painful, but they can also cause enough injury to the skin that they can cause jewelry rejection. A poor snare could be the ending of the piercing. Women can put on cotton or sports bras to ensure that their jewelry is secure.  Men and women who would prefer to wear no bra must wear a tight t-shirt underneath their clothes to achieve the same effect. Do not be concerned in the event that your nipple piercing starts bleeding for the first couple of days following the piercing. It’s a typical result of the skin’s sensitivity in this region. Make sure you are aware of this that you shouldn’t wear bras or clothing that you are concerned about staining.

Do not pick at a nipple-piercing crust. Nipple piercings usually produce lots of discharge that can dry out and create a nipple crust. This can cause the nipple to scratch and is ugly. Do not scratch or pick at the nipple that is crusty. Instead, gently soak the crusts in a salicylate solution until they turn soft. Then carefully wipe them off using an untidy paper towel, making sure not to scratch the puncture.

We’ll discuss keloids on your nipple piercing. Keloids are a common thing to be incorrectly diagnosed in the world of piercing. Even experienced piercers mistakenly label normal piercing bumps as keloids. It isn’t true and could be hazardous to spread the word.

Do I Have A Nipple Piercing Infection?

Infections caused by piercings with any piercings, including nipple piercings are extremely uncommon. As long as you’re maintaining hygiene and clean your nipple piercings daily with saline solution and soap, you’re unlikely to get an infection.

A lot of people mistake the typical discharge from piercings for an infection from a nipple.


Nipple Piercing Jewelry

After you’ve recovered, the fun can begin.

It might not look like it but the nipple offers an ideal spot to store a variety of jewelry piercing designs.

Straight barbells are one of the more popular options. Choose a simple Barbell made of solid gold 14k or go for one with pearl or opal ends or different types of charms.

With a similar appearance to straight barbells, The bent barbell isn’t able to stick as far away from the sides as the straight barbellEvery kind type of hoop is suitable for nipple-piercing. Rings that are affixed with a captive are extremely popular because the bead is easy to switch and provides a unique look over ordinary hoops.

Nipple shields are the place where things can get really exciting.

Why Shouldn’t I Get A Nipple Piercing?

The lengthy healing time means that nipple-piercing is one you’ll want to consider before deciding. You should think about how you’ll be using your time in the upcoming year, and how the piercing is going to affect the way you live.

If you’re currently pregnant or plan to get pregnant in the next 12 months and you’re pregnant, then put off piercing your nipple for a while.

It’s painful to pierce without the additional discomfort that comes with sensitive breasts.

If you’re planning to go on a beach trip in the near future you should think about the time to wait. Although the piercing will heal you’ll not be able to swim. You’ll have to avoid sandy areas to avoid the sand getting into the healing piercing. Even though your new nipple-piercing isn’t going to hinder your trip, it can make it difficult to plan your plans.

Nipple Piercing Cost

The cost for nipple piercings is between $20 and $50 and that’s not even including the jewelry. Because it’s such a personal procedure, it’s important to scrutinize your piercer. Be sure to choose a person whom you are at ease with and who will conduct the procedure in a professional manner and with kindness.

Don’t cut corners on your jewelry. You should buy top-quality pieces to start with to ensure that your body won’t refuse them. If cost is a concern then you can always purchase one piercing at a.

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