Metamask airdrop

MetaMask Could Soon Launch Its Token Airdrop. Here’s How to Prepare

Metamask airdrop

Key Takeaways


    • Making use of MetaMask in a variety of ways and working with ConsenSys-linked projects could improve your chances of being eligible as a participant in an airdrop.
    • Transferring tokens to MetaMask or using the wallet’s bridge are two possible ways to result in an airdrop in the near future.
    • What is Metamask?Metamask airdrop

      There is a variety of DEXs available that are available that include Aave, OpenSea, and Kava. To access these DEXs it is necessary to connect through their respective protocols. You can do this by using Metamask which is an app for mobile devices and a browser extension that allows users access to their accounts with Ethereum-based Dapps. There is no longer a time when you had to give your information to central organizations and waited for months for them to reach you.

      MetaMask is a well-known and well-known cryptocurrency wallet. It’s an online-based wallet that is activated through any Internet browser. Additionally, it is possible to connect the MetaMask wallet is able to be connected to various blockchain networks. 

    • MetaMask is a great option to store more than only wallets:

      • Cryptocurrency Transactions
      • Swapping currencies
      • stake
      • Connection to platforms that run dApps (NFTs Defi, NFTs. )

      MetaMask can be used as a hot wallet to hold various cryptocurrencies. It is possible to hold ERC-20 tokens using the Defi features with MetaMask for instance. Furthermore, MetaMask is indeed very user-friendly and has a good reputation for MetaMask security of wallets. Metamask airdrop

    • How to USE Metamask?

      You utilize Metamask for connecting yourself with DEX as well as Dapps. If you’re trying how to connect to these exchanges, here’s the information you’ll need to do:

      1. Download META MASK for iOSAndroid or an extension for your browser
      2. Start by creating a secure password
      3. Then save your seed word
      4. Last but not least, connect to your additional Ethereum wallets.


MetaMask Token Incoming?


It is among the top well-known Web3 wallet and reports of a possible token airdrop for users who are active have circulated around the crypto community for years. ConsenSys CEO and founder Joe Lubin have hinted on numerous occasions that a token might be in the works, however, ConsenSys has not disclosed the full information. In a curious twist, ConsenSys has recently launched its MetaMask Grants DAO, which is an initiative led by employees to provide money to developers who are not part of ConsenSys that are working to expand MetaMask’s MetaMask ecosystem. This could indicate that the company is planning to make the project more decentralized.

ConsenSys has surpassed its valuation of $7 billion and a whopping 450 million Series D capital raise in March. This implies it is likely to airdrop huge amounts to its customers. However, since the wallet is widely utilized by crypto-savvy people of all kinds and a person’s eligibility for the airdrop could not be an easy task. Here are a few actions MetaMask users can follow to increase their chances of receiving the wallet’s token after it’s available. Metamask airdrop

1. Swap Tokens on MetaMask

If you do not have a MetaMask account, then you’ll have to create one. To begin you need to download this extension for your browser or mobile application, set up a wallet, keep your seed phrase in a secure area, and add funds to your wallet using cryptocurrency.

Swapping tokens with MetaMask is simple. On the main menu, simply click the Swap icon, which is located next to Buy and the Send buttons. Exchange some Ethereum with any cryptocurrency you want However, you must have enough ETH in your account to cover charges for transactions.

2. Use the MetaMask Bridge


MetaMask recently announced the bridge to allow users to move money from one platform to the other. Join your account on MetaMask bridge. Connect your wallet to MetaMask bridge, choose Ethereum as your primary network select another network for sending funds to (you can select from Polygon, Avalanche, and BNB Chain), then bridge your wallet over either Ethereum, MATIC, DAI, USDC as well as USDT tokens.

Make sure that you have the second network’s native tokens in the destination wallet to pay for gas costs. If not, the best solution is to connect MATIC’s exchange from Ethereum to Polygon because MATIC is Polygon’s native currency.

3. Create a Gnosis Safe Wallet

ConsenSys along with Gnosis Safe announced a partnership in February that will enhance the security of wallets, and MetaMask might offer a reward to Gnosis users.

To get started using the service start by visiting Gnosis Safe and connect the wallet and follow the steps to set up a multi-sig Safe wallet. It is necessary to select Ethereum as the preferred network. create a name for the new wallet, supply a minimum of two accounts to be”the “owners” of the wallet (you can set up an account with a new MetaMask account and then input the address in addition to your existing one) and then pay an amount for transactions. 4. Donate via Bitcoin


ConsenSys is in close contact with Gitcoin since it was the platform for donations based on Ethereum in its beginnings before it forged out independently in 2021. Making a donation to Gitcoin will increase your chance of being eligible for a MetaMask airdrop. To make a donation you’ll need to establish an account on Gitcoin first, then go to the Gitcoin Grants page, sign in with to your MetaMask to your GitHub account, then select the Grant project that you are interested in and then put it in your shopping cart, go to checkout the project, and select the amount you wish to give (and in what currency). We recommend donating at least $10, as the qualifications for each one could be subject to an upper limit on donations to stop airdrop farming.

5. Sign Up for Infura


ConsenSys bought Infura in October of this year. Infura is regarded as one of the leading blockchain infrastructure platforms. It is also directly supported by MetaMask. Infura is moving towards decentralization and has introduced the early-access program to members of the community to aid. It is possible to fill out the form on Infura’s webpage to join but Infura is looking specifically for individuals with previous experience working with blockchain-related infrastructure. You can also go to ConsenSys’ Discord channel to find out different ways to join.

Final Thoughts

The process of finding airdrops is much more an art than science, and it involves some part of luck. Even if you adhere to all these steps but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be eligible to get MetaMask tokens when ConsenSys issues the tokens. Some airdrops like Bored Ape Yacht Club’s APE token giveaway were extremely lucrative. Others, like the Optimism OP token distributions, were controversial because of their rigorous requirements for qualification. However, adhering to the steps outlined in this article is well worth the effort and time spent on the possibility of them paying off. Metamask airdrop

Disclaimer at the date of writing, the writer of this piece was the owner of BTC, ETH, and various other cryptocurrency assets.

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