Impact of Technology in Society

Technology’s role in society

What is Technology?

It included many machines like modern computers and also the process like the way we produce computer chips. it refers to the use of technical and scientific knowledge to create and design modern machinery. Technology also helps in making other many things that aid mankind. Or in other words, technology means the use of scientific knowledge to achieve some specific goal or create applications that are used in industry or in everyday life.

What is Society?

Society is the majority as a group of human beings sharing social relationships. Or in other words, a society is a group of people that lives together in a community that includes some form of government, along with some rules and economy.

Impact of Technology on Society

We use and trust technology in our daily routine lives and our technical requirements and strains continue to grow. The manner in which we use technology decides whether its effects are beneficial or harmful for our society.


  1. Positive Impacts of technology on society:

Technology has a more positive impact on humans or society as related to negative. It makes our life cooler and plunders us by providing resources or tool that makes our life much easier. Following are some positive changes that technology passes to our life. It improved many more things.

  1. Improved Education and learning process Technology enhances the education and learning process. Nowadays, people can easily enhance their knowledge using the internet. Most of the data present on the internet are free of cost, and you can access this data anytime and anywhere.
  2. Automated Agriculture Technology changes the working mechanism of farmers.
  3. Easy to access material we can easily access information via the internet anytime and anywhere. Most of the information is present on the internet.

Negative Impacts of technology on society:

As we know that everything present on this planet has both advantages and disadvantages. In this way, the same goes for our technology system it also has negative impacts on society and some other negative impacts are:

  1. Increase in unemployment: Nowadays, large and small business uses machinery and technical equipment because of their low cost and high efficiency due to which the rate of unemployment is increasing continuously.
  2. Increase in pollution: Not only humans but technology also affects our environment. Due to vehicles and machinery, the rate of pollution is increasing continuously which causes global warming
  3. Cybercrimes are occurring at a higher rate as a result of widespread excessive internet use.
  4.  Some people (attackers) harm innocent people or children for money or fun.

Social Issues:

Following are some social issues that we face while using the internet:

  • Identity Theft: To use the identity of some other person by getting his financial or personal information in a fraudulent manner in order to commit a crime.
  • Gaming Addiction: Prolonged, excessive use of online gaming has a negative impact on a person’s ability to function in a variety of life domains.

Cultural changes: From our ideals to our modes of communication, we have come a long way. Many people now find it difficult to conduct a face-to-face chat. People use their phones and computers to spend time with their family and related persons.




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