For those who are cannabis lovers the scent of a particular strain could be a mouthful. However, it’s not as appealing when the odors of cannabis hang throughout the home or stick to the car’s interior. Find out how you can enjoy your favorite strains without the stigma that comes with cannabis smells. Learn ways to rid yourself of the smell of marijuana from the professionals at Cannabolish. HOW TO GET RID OF THE WEED SMELL?

The Science Behind Marijuana Odor


The scent characteristics of cannabis can be as distinct as the different cannabis varieties. From the bright piney scents that are Pinene to the floral sweet fragrances of Linalool, the chemicals present in cannabis plants, known as Terpenes provide each cannabis strain a distinct taste and aroma profile prior to and after the burning.HOW TO GET RID OF THE WEED SMELL?

The process of burning:

The process of burning which results in vapor or smoke can make the smell of marijuana more complicated. Smoke, as a general rule, is one of the most difficult odors to get rid of because it can take over a room quickly, adhere to surfaces and sink deep into the fabric.

 This mix allows smoke to stay for quite a while after you’ve enjoyed it.

Below, we’ve compiled an easy-to-follow guide that offers the best methods to rid your house and yourself of the distinctive smell of marijuana. There are options for all types of smokers, no matter if you smoke regularly each month or simply looking to experiment occasionally with no lasting effects on your house. Look through the choices, and select the perfect option for your needs. 1. Conceal Your Stash With Natural Odor Deodorizers

Everyone who is in college has heard of the dryer sheets from the paper towel tube method. However, there are better methods to cover the smell of marijuana. One of the most affordable methods to ensure that nobody gets to your stash is to cover the natural smell using an odor-deodorizer such as this one. Set one of these natural charcoal cleansing bags made of bamboo inside the bag along with your collection and nobody will be aware that you have some of this green stuff hidden away. The bag is sealed to absorb water in the air and store it, along with the scents. They’re completely natural, without artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals which means you don’t have to worry about your marijuana being contaminated with foreign scents and only need an hour of sun once per month.HOW TO GET RID OF THE WEED SMELL?

2. Don’t Forget About Your Breath



The majority of people concentrate on the area where smoking was taking place when trying to get rid of the smell. Cleaning the countertops, carpets, and clothing isn’t enough to eliminate this smell entirely. It’s because, as with cigarettes, marijuana can leave the scent of your breath. To ensure you remove every ounce of smelly weed and odor, you should use a strong mouthwash like one like the Listerine Ultraclean Mouthwash. Additionally, it also helps to cleanse your mouth and your teeth each time you wash them.

3. Use Incense


If there’s a scent that’s more well-known than marijuana, it’s incensed. This is why it could be beneficial to try and mask your scent by infusing homes with the scent of incense rather than. If someone asks you, simply inform them of the incense you’re experiencing, and give them the scent if they’re not convinced. This Mag Champa Incense is an ideal option to store in your kitchen cupboard. This set contains a selection of scents that include jasmine, sandalwood, and sunrise. With twelve to fifteen sticks per box, you’ll not have to go out to the market for long. HOW TO GET RID OF THE WEED SMELL?

4. Clean Surfaces With a Strongly Scented Spray


Although many people believe that the smell of marijuana is mostly settled in the air or into the fabric, the smell may be pervasive on hard surfaces. This is why it’s important to clean your countertop regularly furniture, tables, and other furniture that are in your smoking area. Utilizing a strong-scented cleaning spray such as Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner can help perform double duty in this way. This natural spray cleanses the surfaces, but its addictive honeysuckle scent will mask the odor of your weeds. The non-toxic, soothing scent will relax you even more, and the absence of harsh chemical residues is healthier for overall health.

5. Try a Candle Made for the Purpose


It is the Smoke Eliminating candle from Cannabolish. is an all-natural scent mix that was developed over 30 years to get rid of undesirable smoke odors and odors of many types. The candle is only made up of organic ingredients, such as soy wax, and beeswax as well as a selection of plant oils that are non-toxic. To achieve the most effective results, light the candle for 30 minutes prior to when you begin to smoke.

6. Exhale Into a Sploof



A simple solution to get rid of the smell of marijuana is to make sure that it does not get into your house. This method, popular with smokers who prefer to keep their marijuana habits secret, is to exhale through the “spoof.” Such devices convert smoke into the fresh air. When homemade proofs rely on toilet paper and dryer sheets to accomplish this So why not test using the Sploofy V3 Supermax to get the most comfortable and efficient solution? It has been tested in the lab to remove 99.97 percent of .3um particles. It also has a three-stage HEPA filtering system to maximize impact. Additionally, it features an adorable little stoner ghost that’s on the case.

7. Spray an Air Freshener

Air fresheners are a popular choice in order to cover offensive odors in the bathroom. These aerosol container sprays can be applied at the location of the issue. They help to remove the odors of air and fight germs and bacteria too. Consider giving your Ozium Cleanser Spray a go. It’s been clinically proven to combat smells, with a focus on eliminating the smells of smoking and not covering them up like other products.

8. Put Odor-Absorbing Gel in Front of Your Vents

Numerous stoners have tried to find out ways to eliminate the marijuana smell, but this is one method of cleaning that very few smokers have thought of. Odor-absorbing gels accomplish exactly what they promise. When you place one of these devices to absorb odors near any vents within the area in which you smoke, or right next to the area that is causing the scent, the gels work to eliminate the distinctive weed smell from your surroundings. Additionally, these broad-based gels will neutralize pet odors’ disgusting smells, smelly trash, and unpleasant mildew smells as well. Try Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Gel for a highly-reviewed solution to this issue. It comes in a convenient pot that is free of harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and phthalate. HOW TO GET RID OF THE WEED SMELL?

9. Invest in an Air Purifier


The purchase of investing in an air purifier like the LEVOIT Air Purifier product is a fantastic option since the devices can actually remove and neutralize odors right from the air, while also capturing pollen or pet dander, among other allergens. In addition, an air purifier gets rid of the pungent smell of weed, it will also help to eliminate other smells that are present in your home, making your air cleaner than ever. Levoit’s Air Purifier is one of the top-rated products on Amazon and is available in a size that is quite compact.

10. Use the Window + Fan Method

After trying everything in the list above, then it could be time to test an easier solution. Start by opening the windows (opening two windows can create the effect of a wind tunnel and is even more effective) Then, start an air-conditioner to circulate the air in the room. It’s better to choose a fan with an enormous stand that is built-in it, such as the Amazon Basics Oscillating Two Blade standing pedestal fan that allows you to place it in the right spot with it pointed towards the right direction, and let it run until the space is clean of that odor. It’s a good solution to most smells and is a great choice with the other options in this list, too. When you’re trying to rid yourself of smells from weeds the most basic methods are the most efficient.

11. Invest in an Odor Control Storage Method


Due to the increasing popularization and the regularity of the drug in popular culture. One of these can be STASHLOGIX which has made a kind of cannabis lunchbox, with an odor-trapping sealing gasket, a liner in the middle, as well as adjustable dividers that can accommodate different sizes of buds as well as a waterproof zipper. Are you on the beach and concerned about the tide crashing the area of your possessions? Your marijuana will be protected. It also has an integrated zipper lock to secure your stash and it has a lifetime warranty meaning you won’t need to worry about it getting worn out and letting smells get loose.

12. Chew a Piece of Bold, Minty Gum

Other gums are minty but they’re a bit sweet. This is why we prefer the strong peppermint flavor from 5 Gum which is sugar-free but doesn’t have the overwhelming artificial flavor. One person who chews it even said, “The flavors last longer than other varieties such as Orbit or Winter Fresh. I’d never even consider chewing gum if it wasn’t like this one” Make sure to keep a bottle in your purse at work, in your home, and with care to ensure that you’re not in a situation where you’re surrounded by smoke from your mouth.

13. Purchase a Scent-Free Portable Air Freshener


The smell of conventional air fresheners could be a bit intoxicating and so why not consider investing in one that removes the smell from the source rather than covering it up? This deodorizer from PURGGO is ideal to use in your car or anywhere it is hung and draws out smokey aromas by using Bamboo charcoal that has been activated. It absorbs smoke effortlessly and is available in a subtle dark gray shade that can be used anywhere. Another benefit? This bag that is sustainable can be utilized to fertilize plants after its lifespan (a year) has been completed.

14. Douse Yourself in This Unisex Body/Room Spray

The particular scent of Zum Mist is among their most loved fragrances – myrrh and frankincense. The fragrances are created using essential oils, and fragrance oils that are free of phthalates. It’s dark sweet and woodsy, making it the ideal fragrance for men and women, as well as it’s a great way to make the smell of smoke smell like a fragrant forest.

15. Put a Bowl of Baking Soda in Your Car


In the event that you’re not a huge fan of sprays or air fresheners A lesser-known method for removing stoner odors. It is a great cleaner, and will not expel toxic toxins or strong smells. In addition to smoking, baking soda can be powerful enough to deal with smoking, food that has gone bad, sweat, vomit, and many more. Store it in your refrigerator or any other place that is regularly affected by smells, marijuana or not.

16. Get a Scented Wreath

Although you may find wreaths hanging on the front of doors during the time of holidays they’re much more than they are. With exquisitely selected flowers, plants as well as other elements from nature. These festive wreaths made by Creekside Farms are bursting with rich scents that really decorate a space. They also function as stunning decor for any room of the home. The scent of summer is filled with lavender marjoram, sage, and oregano. While the winter version has notes of eucalyptus, lotus seeds white statice, as well as the dried grass of bears.

17. Up Your Odor-Proof Container Game With Airtight Glass Jars

When your bags aren’t performing the job and other storage containers aren’t big enough or unwieldy, consider the dependable airtight glass jars. They’re completely odor-proof thanks to a wire and rubber gasket seal that is clamped to the seal. It is available in a 12-pack that allows you to strain to the max without having to empty the compartments. It also keeps food items fresher and more potent for longer. If you don’t have enough flowers to fill all 12 jars can keep dry food items such as herbs, spices, or even herbs. HOW TO GET RID OF THE WEED SMELL?

18. Utilize Vinegar as a Smoke Cleanser

It is an all-purpose DIY cleaner and you will also see it on the list of ingredients of some natural cleaners. Like coffee grounds, when you have saucers of vinegar around, it can assist in eliminating the weed smell from your house. Many people prefer to mix baking soda and vinegar when the smell persists. If you happen to get a water stain from a bong on any of your clothes vinegar is able to wash off hard-to-clean stains and do the trick.

19. Make Your Edibles the Scent-Free Way

Food is a great answer to the overwhelming smell of ganja smoke, however, making them isn’t a simple job. Additionally, it’s an unpleasant experience that your neighbors aren’t keen on. Making your own food requires time and experience, however, using the LEVO II helps take all the uncertainty out of the process and create any cannabis-infused dish you can think of such as salad dressings and smoothies to bowls. It’s also able to create bath bombs and other beauty products. With simple settings such as “dry,” “activate,” “infuse” and “dispense,” the process of infusion can be made more efficient than it ever was before.

20. Invest in a High Tech Fragrance Diffuser

The majority of manual diffusers are loud or unattractive and do not perform as well. Aromatech’s silent Aromini is a significant improvement and a revolution for the game of fragrance diffusion when it comes to understanding how to disguise smells of weed. It has a nebulizing system that breaks the oil into a fine mist with no remnants left behind. The user can regulate the intensity of scent levels in accordance with their individual preferences. The therapeutic properties remain intact greater than standard fragrance diffusers because the process of nebulization doesn’t reduce the oil’s concentration in water or even warm it.


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