It is a website that allows users who sign up for a free profile to connect online with friends, coworkers, or strangers. Users can share images, music, videos, articles, and their thoughts and opinions with as many people as they like.
If you do not use your facebook or any other account then it si best option for you to delete it or deactive it. This is for this reason that your content or data or your privacy things will be no more available on internet or on your account. When you leave your account or deactive , it does not mean that it is destroyed for always. Instead you can actve it whenever you want or require.

If you decide that do not want to sign up for Facebook It’s simple to disable the accountIf you remove your account and then deactivate it, you’re keeping all your personal information on Facebook. It’s impossible for anyone to reach you via Facebook or access the information you’ve posted, such as your Timeline as well as status updates and pictures. If you decide you’d like to re-join Facebook but you’re not able to do so, you’ll be capable of activate your Facebook account, and access the information you used to have. HOW TO DEACTIVE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT?

If you want to deactivate your account:

  1. Go into the Settings :    There is no need to worry we shall guide you step- by- step. To learn how to reactive your facebook account jouned with us. First of all, go to setting. As shown in figure. HOW TO DEACTIVE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT?

2.  Click Manage Account:   In the next step click on manage account. 

3. Click on Deactivate your account: to deactivation of your account then click on the option of reactive your account.

4. Select  reasons for deactivating your account:

If you feel that it is necessary that you want to gave information in detail, you can add more details in the text box below. Then click Deactivate.

The deactivation of your account doesn’t completely remove the account completelyIf you unactivate your account, Facebook saves all of your settings, pictures, as well as other data in the event that you want to reinstate your account. Your data isn’t lost, it’s kept secretIt is however possible to remove the account for good with no recovery options.

It is only recommended to do this only if you’re 100% certain you’d like to delete the Facebook profile.

To remove the Facebook profile you have To delete your Facebook account, go to the “Delete My Account” page. In case you’d prefer to archive images and posts from your account Click Download InformationThen , click “Delete Account”.


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