How to create a website?


It may be a collection of web pages and the data that is related to the website. The website is known by a unique domain name. Godaddy, google Facebook, etc are examples of a website. They are mostly the world wild web (www). How to create a website?

Let us discuss the important elements of a website. These are the important elements of a website.

  1. Navigation: The design of your website should be navigating. access to your menus must be so easy. This would be helpful to the visitors.
  2. The design of the website:

The design of the website should be attractive. It should be a creative design. It must be so impressive to the people.   

3. Content of the website:

It is another thing that affects your visitors. If the content you have published is so good more visitors shall visit the website in a day. But if the visitors do not find any informative thing. he would leave your website in a second and try to avoid again come here. How to create a website?

4. A website should create an interaction between visitors:
interaction of the visitors is necessary. if the content is so good that he found the thing which he required then he again will come to you.

  1. Simple and short name:

The name of the domain should be so simple and short so that people may remember it and again and again come to visit.

Steps to create a website:

it is wrong that it is so much difficult to create a website. It is so simple but you have to follow the instruction and these simple steps.

  1. Registration of a domain name:

The name is the first thing the website is required .as every person needs an identity to live, similarly, every website should have a proper name and server to publish the data or content. The name is necessary for your recognition. As your house is also known by some street number or any proper address. So it is also known by some name. if you have purchased your domain name then you are the owner of the website and can control everything.

2. selstion of platform:


Select a platform where your website will run, some more intelligent people even chose the wrong platform to run their website. Most websites are built on WordPress. Some websites are also built on Wix and Shopify etc. in the last year most websites were built on WordPress and Shopify.

After signing up start building your websites.

  1. in this step, you should create your account.
  2. in the next step, you should install WordPress. You will see a button to create your website then click on that.
  3. in the step start customizing the WordPress.
  4. then select your themes and add some plugins which are necessary.
Why is the website necessary?

Today is the digital age. Everything is online. by selling your products or things online you can also grow your business. In addition, you can also do blogging on the website by which you can earn a handsome amount.

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