Don’t Scratch! What to do if Your Eczema Has Itching:

Secure AlternativesDon't Scratch! What to do if Your Eczema Has Itching: 


Accepting the urge could bring a few Oohs and Aahs. But if you scratch, or rub, you could cause itching and the Eczemaworse. There are people who scratch so badly they’re bleeding, and that’s a setup for infections. If putting your hands on the table isn’t an option for you, try these methods to quickly get relief from itching and calm your skin. Secure Alternatives. Don’t Scratch! What to do if Your Eczema Has Itching:

Don’t Scratch! What to do if Your Eczema Has Itching:


The urge to indulge might bring a few Oohs and Aahs. However, if you scratch, or even rub, you could cause the itching to worse and the skin condition to worse. There are people who scratch so badly that they begin to bleed, and that’s a setup for infections. If sitting on your hands isn’t an option, consider these strategies to speed up relief from itching and help soothe your skin. Don’t Scratch! What to do if Your Eczema Has Itching:

Mirror Scratching


Try this when your itching is just on one part of your body. It could seem like a trick however it’s actually more than just an illusion. Say your left arm itches. Take a look in the mirror and pay attention to the mirror’s left arm which could be your own right. You can scratch it as you watch, and your brain gets the message that your scratching eczema was treated. care of.



A study conducted at Northwestern University found that pressing an area on your arm can alleviate itchiness from eczema at any place in your body. To locate it you need to stretch your left arm and place your right hand over the side of the crook of your elbow and check the upper part of your forearm muscle. Apply pressure with your fingers for 3 minutes, while you take deep breaths.

Thick MoisturizerDon't Scratch! What to do if Your Eczema Has Itching:


Do not use lotions with thin ingredients and go for an eczema treatment or Ointment. When shopping for a product, look for words such as “barrier cream” and “skin repair” on the label. Some creams that work wonders on eczema with itchy skin contain an ingredient known as Ceramides. Don’t Scratch! What to do if Your Eczema Has Itching:

Do you have a budget? Basic petroleum jelly is equally effective as expensive products.

Oils from the Pantry


A study has found that sunflower seed oil can do more to soften the skin than the creams of the moment’s a lot more – and it’s much less expensive. Coconut oil nourishes and helps reduce inflammation. You can look for “virgin” at the bottom of the bottle. This indicates that it was not processed, but without the loss of natural therapeutic properties. Even as good as olive oil is in cooking, however, it’s not a good choice for skin irritations. Don’t Scratch! What to do if Your Eczema Has Itching:



If you apply it the instant you feel an itching appearing, you will be able to prevent the tickle and burning from getting any more severe. However, don’t do it too much. As with all steroids, hydrocortisone can have negative consequences. Follow the directions on your prescription or the doctor’s instructions when you have prescribed a formula. Don’t Scratch! What to do if Your Eczema Has Itching:

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Menthol can have a cooling effect that reduces itching, but a higher than 1 to 3 percent concentration can cause irritation. A cream, gel, or spray containing 5 percent lidocaine or percent pramoxine could cause numbness to the area. It is also possible to replace the itch with the tingle of capsaicin which is the ingredient that gives chili peppers their heat. Begin with you start with a 0.025 percent concentration. For a double whammy apply lidocaine and wait 20 minutes before topping with capsaicin. Tips: Keep all your creams and lotions inside the refrigerator.

Soak and seal.


Begin by taking the warm tub for 15 mins to refresh. (Add ground oatmeal into the water to help soothe.) After that, gently blot your face without missing an ounce, apply your moisturizer of choice and put on cortisone cream, and then follow it up with a moisturizer.

Extra Bonus: Water Wraps


If you have severe eczema or want to use it as an occasional treatment for extreme itching, consider adding a step after bathing. Apply a single layer of damp gauze or cloth on the skin you have treated. Finish with a dry layer of Cotton gloves and socks are ideal for your hands and feet. Wear the layers for a couple of hours or even overnight for your skin to retain moisture and absorb the cream and remain cool. Consult your physician regarding if, how, and when to apply this.



Doctors frequently recommend these medications due to the fact that they may cause you to become drowsy and thus more likely not to scratch. However, this might not be the best option in the morning, particularly when you’re driving. And they’re not recommended for children. But, using antihistamines specifically designed specifically for children and babies is less likely to cause adults to become tired. Don’t Scratch! What to do if Your Eczema Has Itching:

MelatoninDon't Scratch! What to do if Your Eczema Has Itching:


Another option to help itchiness that is becoming severe at night is to use supplements with the hormone that your body produces to help induce sleep. If your fingernails continue to “wander” as you lie down cut them short to shield your skin or put on cotton gloves to stop scratching.

Relaxation Techniques


Meditate to help you combat stress as well as a significant eczema irritation trigger: focus on a sound or word while you practice deep breathing. The process of progressive muscle relaxation is easy: Tendon and then relax one set of muscles in succession beginning by releasing your feet and then moving to your neck. You can also try the stress control app.

Keep Your Hands Occupied


The habit of scratching can develop as can nail biting. You may even find yourself doing it even if the skin isn’t too itchy. To end the cycle, try doing something different with your hands every time you’re in the mood. You can distract yourself with a game on the internet or craft. Do yourself an appointment for a manicure. You can also squeeze and loosen your fists until your urge subsides. Don’t Scratch! What to do if Your Eczema Has Itching:

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