What are trackers?

What is a tracker?

Definition of tracker:

Basically, a tracker is a person or animal or a device that finds other people or animals by following the marks left by their feet. Investors should invest their time best in this field. What are trackers? What are trackers?


GPS tracking requires a tracking device to be attached to a vehicle or asset or carried by a person. The device then provides information about your exact location and subsequent movement, allowing real-time tracking.


Type of tracking:

  1. Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is the type of tracking.
  2. Geofencing is another type of tracking.
  3. Internet Tracking
  4. Radio Tracking
  5. Global Positioning System
  6. Cell-Phone Triangulation
  7. Automated Time Tracking Methods


Some physical attendance registers or excel sheets were used to capture the working hours of the employees. Sometimes these methods may fail to provide a high level of accuracy and are extremely time-consuming.

  1. Time tracking:

This system automatically calculates the time based on in and out time.  it may record a time sheet.

What is the main feature of time tracking software?

These are some features of the time tracking method.

Its main function of it is to clock in or clock out from a specific task using the desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

2. Capturing of time:

This feature of time tracking captures the in or out of the time of the users. It also records the data in the timesheet. We may also calculate payroll and client invoices. People can also estimate the deadline of any project.

3. Project Management Tool

We can also use these time tracking ideas united to project management software. These project management tool helps employees and managers to create tasks.

4. Invoicing of the client:

This is designed to make the automatic process receivable. It is also helpful to save different records of services. It will be helpful to save the record of your and your client.

This software automatically calculates invoices and wages of clients based on the hours worked and the hourly rate for any project. This is very helpful because it can save us time.

  1. Reminders and Notifications:

This software also includes the functionality of sending reminders & notifications to the users.

  1. CAR TRACKING:    

You can see your car where it is going or whether someone is stealing or not it. This is possible when you use trackers. yes, there are different types of trackers available in Pakistan.

Its features are well designed. To avoid the threat of misuse and stealing you can use this tracker. This tracker is only available for 1000 rupees. By using the features of this tracker, you can fail the engine of a car when it has been stolen.

It is a free tracker. You can also change the tracker when you want to change your car.

It has extra features. the home service is also available. the situations in Pakistan are not well. so when you buy a car of 20 lakhs then you should also bear 1000 per month of the tracker.



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