What is web 3?

 Web 3:

This is the latest and third generation web technology development in this era. This is called the World Ide Web. What is web 3?

It can also provide applications and website services

Basically, Web3 and crypto are the new wave of cryptocurrencies. The main vision is to make Web 3 a reality. blockchain technology. What is web 3?

How does web3 work?

These are some aspects that help to achieve the goal of web3. It is like cryptocurrency.  They combine different blockchain technology and different by does control over their data This means that instead of a central administrator making all decisions. What is web 3?

Decisions are made by governance users who own tokens that can be obtained by either participating in the maintenance of these decentralized apps or by purchasing them. A decentralized system must provide data.

in this system you will have to give fee to transection. when you buy or sell you will have to pay fee like a gas fee in the network toke. you will be owner as NFT of you rthings.


It is easy to earn on the internet. As you know that the world has changed.

The time has passed when you have to work hard and face various problems. The world is now very capable and able to control many things that are happening. One of them is Web3. Content stored in Web 3 cannot be deleted.

Web 3 is different from others:

. The issue of unfairness also arises with web3’s verification method, Proof of Stake (PoS).

The more crypto if someone stakes, the greater chance he has to update the blockchain and earn more currency as a reward. We can say that the validators with the most money keep getting richer.

Features of web 3:
  1. Decentralized system:

It is a decentralized system like a cryptocurrency

It is trustless and permissionless. it also works in the form of per to per network.

  1. 3-D GRAPHICS:

This can integrate the use of 3D graphics and VR technologies.

4. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning


Machines are able to process information through the semantic web. The main purpose of artificial intelligence and machine learning is to make a smart computer system. This computer must be able to solve as complex problems as we can.

What is the semantic web?

We may also sometimes call it web 3.

You can create data stores on the web, create terminologies, and create rules to process your data.


It is an intelligent linking of data. It is able to arrange the data in logical and semantic relationships and also can classify it.

What is the difference between web 3 and crypto?

It can gain a lot of grip in the future with play-to-earn gaming. Cryptography is not the same as web3, but is a subcategory of web3 technology that refers to any technology based on blockchain. Web3, short for Web 3.0, is a proposed evolution of the “Web 2.0″ era we are currently living in, whose infrastructure is dominated by centralized servers and cloud-based services.

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