What is SEO?

It is the function through which you can rank your website on the top page of google. you can do it to receive more traffic. It may be an abbreviation for search engine optimization. This is a set of practices aimed at improving the appearance and location of web pages in organic search results. SEO FREE TOOLS:

Why is SEO important for us?

It is a very good question what is the importance of SEO for our website, youtube channel, or any other medium?

By SEO we can query users. We can get awareness about their activities and their like and dislike. By doing SEO you can know the quality, quantity, and organic search results of traffic. As SEO is necessary you should also know which factors it depends on. These are the factors that influence google’s algorithm.

  1. The features of the domain level link.
  2. Features of your page link created by you.
  3. Content written on your pages.
  4. Your traffic and the data you have posted.
  5. Domain-level matrics and specialties.
  6. Metrics of page level.

The first thing is your ideas about your post or blog.

There are many tools some are paid and some are free. You should follow these tools to improve your SEO.

These are some free tools.

Seo free tools:

These are the free or unpaid tools about which you should know.

  1. Keyword surfer:

It is an amazing free tool. This particular tool is very helpful to you.

By using this tool you can check the monthly average search of any keyword. for example, if you type SEO in google then it will show you how many times it has been searched by the people and on which website how much traffic has been generated by this tool.

  1. Google trend:  

This is the most amazing tool. But most people are unaware of it. you can check the trend of any keyword by using this tool. The trend of any key is very necessary. You can check that what was the trend of this keyword in the last month and what are the chances of this keyword in the next month. You can compare the trend of the keyword using this tool. For example, if you search on crypto then you can also compare it with metreverse. then this tool will show you on which topic you should write your blog or post.

  1. Answer the public tool:  

This is a wonderful tool. this is among the most used tool.

This tool is mostly used about answering questions. For example, if you search metaverse then it will show you questions in the shape of the graph the people are asking. You will type only in word and you will receive most of the ideas.

  1. Keyword sheeter:

As the name indicates that it will show sheets of the keywords. It will combination of ideas about keywords. If you search a keyword it will create a sheet. You should also explore it. Because it is helpful for your youtube and blog. SEO FREE TOOLS:

  1. GOOGLE Com:

Yes, you can also use google to search keywords. If you write any keyword then google suggests you n=many keywords. For example, if you search metaverse then google will show you that metaverse is good or bad. It is the best way to generate keywords.



I hope that you are familiar with this tool. You can use this tool for your AdSense approval. Instead of Adsense, you can also use it for your youtube channel. It is the best tool. You will have to sign up for an account on this tool. You can discover new keywords by using this tool. you can also filter out your keywords. you can also filter n=branded and non-branded keywords. Such as if you want that you are not required branded keywords then you should remove branded keywords such as Alibaba.





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