8 tips from Elon Musk  life:

We hope that you’re all aware of Elon Musk. He is the most wealthy man in the world. Everybody wants to be Elon Musl. However, there isn’t a single person who would like to think as Elon Musl, or even work with him. These are 8 tips from Elon Musk  life.

  1. Focus on your goal:                                                                                                              First of all, you should select your goal and be focused on it. If you are not determined or fully focused on your goal then you will lose your objective and nothing would be in your hands.
  2. Make full effort:

We all know that there is no way to accomplish anything without effort. So try to do full effort to achieve your goal. He says that he does almost work  80-100 hours in week .

 8 tips from Elon Musk  life:

  1. Hire the team of right people:

It is very good point that I liked the most. It is very importanat because if you hire the unexperienced workers for work then they will not do their work in the right way. As only a doctor can treat a patient in the right way than a farmer . similarly, a person that is specialist in his field hire him for his work.

  1. Unshakeable ethics of work should be:

The ethics of work should be stronger than a man. Your employ should be so happy from your  work that they do your work as they are doing their own work.

  1. Search the problem:

Your are required to search a problem that your company is facing. After searching the problem then try to fix it.

  1. Take risk:

It is usually said that risk taker are always history maker.

If you do not take a risk you will not get experience.

Without experience nothing is possible.

7 customer priority: 8 tips from Elon Musk  life:

Your first priority should be customer. You should target customer not your self.

All your work should be for the benefit of customer , in regarding to customer  for the betterment of a customer  and try to better his experience. The mean is that the customer of seassion should be present in your business.

7. Make use of your common sense first.

“If you are following an “company policy” is obviously ridiculous in a particular situation … then the rule should change,” Musk says. Musk. “In general, always pick common sense as your guide.”

8. If you’re looking to contact someone, you can do it directly

“A main cause of problems is the inability to communicate between departments. One way to address this is to let the communication between all levels. If, to accomplish something between departments, a participant must talk directly to his manager. If a person then talks to a director talks to a VP who talks to a vice president and talks to director, who speaks to their manager or communicates with someone who is performing their actual job, ridiculous things could take place. It’s acceptable to have people talk directly and do what is right.”


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