Can You Eat the Rind of Brie Cheese?



When you cut into the wheel of Brie You might be thinking about whether you should remove the rind. It’s not necessary. Many people love the flavorful Brie rind and it’s common to enjoy it with the other components on the wheels. When you cut Brie for guests, you can leave the rind on the table for the guests to enjoy! Can You Eat the Rind of Brie Cheese?

How Should You Store Brie?

When you and your friends are satisfied with Brie cheese, Brie cheese wheels, you’ll need to save it to take it back to enjoy. After you’ve cut the wheel of Brie this stops the process of ripening in its slow tracks. To ensure that it stays fresh in storage, wrap your cheese with wax before placing it into the refrigerator. Do not use plastic wrap since it can suffocate the cheese and does not allow it to breathe properly.

Are There Any Substitutes for Brie?

If you’re unable to find Brie at the local grocery store there are different kinds of cheese that you can look into as alternatives.

For instance, varieties of cheese with a spherical rind are great substitutes. Camembert, goat cheese, and Chevre are all suitable alternatives to Brie. Camembert is the most suitable replacement out of these three due to the white mold that forms on its rind and its creamy, buttery texture.


Brie will be ready for serving once it’s ready: the outside will be hard, and its interior will feel elastic and bouncy. The underripe Brie might be stiff and brittle to the touch and the overripe Brie could be more creamy and almost liquid.

In the past, the French provide cheese with its own specific course at meals that is served right before dessert. But serving cheese during a celebration or as an appetizer is generally accepted (and for justification). Don’t be afraid to begin your dinner party, gathering, or snack with delicious Brie.


If you are planning to serve Brie Take it out from the fridge about an hour prior to serving. This allows the cheese to cool to the temperature of room temperature and will be deliciously soft and creamy.

Place the wheel or wedge on a platter with knives and any other preferred accompaniments. If you are serving a wheel, cut one or two wedges in advance. This will give attendees an idea about the suitable serving size. (It could also ease those who are hesitant to make the first cut!) If serving wedge cheese, do not cut off the top of the cheese, as this is typically the most flavorful portion. Instead, cut it along the edge of the wedge. This will allow everyone to taste every part of the cheese.

Seven Easy Ways To Enjoy Brie

Perhaps you’re already thinking about ways to incorporate Brie in your next charcuterie platter or even serve it at an evening party. It’s not necessary to be an expert chef to begin adding Brie to your food preparation.

There are several recipes that are easy to follow to help you appreciate this cheese and all it can offer. Make sure to enjoy it with the wine of your choice!

Baked Brie With Baby Potatoes

What’s more simple than a dish with just two ingredients? If you’re seeking a 5-star meal that you can enjoy prior to the meal, Baked Brie With Baby Potatoes is a perfect choice. Enjoy every bite of this tasty appetizer and make sure to include it on your next cheese platter. Can You Eat the Rind of Brie Cheese?

Brie and Caramelized Leek Quiche

There’s no reason not to cook a tasty quiche to eat for dinner. This Brie and caramelized Leek Quiche recipe is an amazing dish that you can make when you’re looking to enjoy the crispy pie crust’s texture and the creamy Brie. Give yourself a treat worthy of the king!

Creamy Brie and Zucchini Pasta

Are you looking to up the quality of your pasta? This creamy Brie as well as Zucchini Pasta recipe is something you’ll be dreaming about. It’s only 15 minutes to cook so you can cook your pasta in less than a minute.

Brie and Cherry Jam Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese may sound like something for children However, this recipe is great for all ages. You can serve it as a delicious lunch item or make it into an appetizer for your celebration. This Brie as well as the Cherry Jam Grilled Cheese recipe can be prepared in just 10 minutes, and you’ll be enthralled with each bite!

Pear and Brie Toast Over Salad

Who said salads need to be boring? This Pear salad and Brie Toast over a salad is a recipe that can do a lot with the use of just a few. It only requires a handful of ingredients to prepare this dish, but the final product is delicious. Brie on toast has never been as delicious.

Summer Burger

You can make regular burgers during the summer months however, you can also make your burgers more appealing and enjoy an excellent meal. This Summer Burger recipe just takes a few minutes to make. Take pleasure in the combination of sun-dried tomatoes Brie cheese and filling ground meat in buns.

French Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards have been a hit in the market We know why! The finger food board lets you taste a variety of cheese and meat in one place. This French Charcuterie Board features delicious Brie along with mouth-watering salami prosciutto and more.




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