Taylor ice cream machine

Taylor ice cream machine



Nuts, fruit, and candies may be added when the product is pulled into the container. It is possible to release the product at temperatures that are low enough for serving, based on the mix’s formula, flavorings and desired overrun. Taylor Ice cream makers have been in operation for a long period. They were first made in 1926. Since then they have enjoyed an enviable reputation for American engineering and quality manufacturing. Built-in Illinois We only sell the best quality used ice cream makers. Taylor parts and services are readily available and offered service available 24/7. When you purchase an ice cream machine, reliability and quality are the primary aspects. The reason we offer pre-owned Taylor freezers is that they’re designed to last for a long period of time. Taylor ice cream machine

Why would you purchase a brand new machine, when one that’s a couple of years old is just a fraction of the cost?

With the same money, you can increase your production by purchasing additional machines or using the money for other areas in your enterprise. With a life span that is more than 25 years old, an old machine is a reliable one with a long life ahead. We’ve witnessed firsthand the plethora of foreign-made machines that are cheap on the market, and that high-end used Ice cream makers are the superior choices to poorly constructed new machines.

From a very low volume of 115v tabletops to the highest-producing 8756. These machines are available in 1 or 3 phases and air-cooled or water-cooled.

The most popular models include the Taylor 794, C713, and C713.

We ensure that all our machines go through a rigorous 22-point inspection. Prior to purchasing and before we sell a machine we examine every nut and bolt inside the machine. Our technicians are in-house and have over 10 years of expertise in diagnosing fixing inspecting, cleaning, and rebuilding frozen and ice cream dessert machines.


Every generation, ice cream stores have served America’s most loved dessert using Taylor (r) equipment. Since the year 1926, Taylor has provided high-quality and reliable products to ice cream stores around the globe. In the present, you can still trust Taylor Company for your ice cream needs. 

From a wide range of delicious and delicious hand-dipped traditional Ice cream favorites to an assortment of fashionable healthy frozen yogurts, you can increase sales by using the use of Taylor frozen dessert maker. A Taylor batch freezer can aid in the creation of authentic and tasty artisanal frozen desserts such as gelatos and sorbets that are extremely smooth in appearance and texture.

It’s not even the start. If you’re a part of Taylor Company, you can always expect support that is over and above. From our world-class innovations and customer-focused service to business-building tips to ensure your business is profitable and expanding The regional Taylor distributor will ensure that you keep your happy customers returning to get more.

Batch Freezer


Serve homemade, medium, or low overrun gelato, ice cream, sorbet, or Italian ice. Candies, fruits, and nuts may be added while the product is being pulled into the container. The product can be released at temperatures that are low enough to serve, based on the mix’s formula flavorings, overruns, and flavorings. A convenient funnel is provided.


You can vary your menu by providing smoothies, frozen cocktails as well as fruit juices coffees, cappuccino, cappuccino, and tea slush beverages. All are offered in the right size.

Soft Serve Freezer

Serve all the most popular soft serve flavors including low-fat and nonfat creams custards and yogurt, and sorbet.

Model C713
Soft Serve Freezer


Serve all the most popular soft serve flavors including low-fat or nonfat custards to icecreams or yogurt, as well as sorbet. Serve two different soft-serve flavors or a similar combination of both with an interesting twist.

How often do you need to wash the Taylor Ice cream machine?

If you want to serve the finest quality product the soft serve Ice Cream maker should be in an optimal state of repair. That means that you’re obliged to thoroughly wash your machine every three days to ensure that it is in compliance with the local health code.

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