153 people were killed on a route

 153 people were killed on a route

 153 people were killed on a route
 153 people were killed on a route




















Yoon Suk-yeol has declared Seoul’s famous Itaewon district as a zone of disaster following the largest crowd ever recorded in South Korean history, describing the incident as a tragedy that should not have happened.

A total of 100,000 people gathered in Itaewon which has been a long-standing emblem of Seoul’s lively nightlife, on the weekend as the final day of the social distancing, mandatory masks as well as other anti-Covid laws permitted the first Halloween celebration in the last three years.

Revellers have reported chaotic scenes as a result of the massive number of people lining the streets. The fatal crash began around 10.20 pm the time a large crowd, many in costumes for Halloween, poured into a narrow, steep alleyway just off the main thoroughfare close to Hamilton Hotel. Hamilton Hotel.


This news came like a bolt from the blue sky

153 people were killed on a route

This news came like a bolt from the blue sky
This news came like a bolt from the blue sky

said one father who broke into tears after he discovered his daughter’s corpse.

“I cannot imagine what transpired. It was like a nightmare,” said Kim Mi Sung who is a member of an organization for non-profits that encourages the tourism industry in Itaewon. She performed CPR on 10 unconscious people 9 of whom died later, the doctor added.

The dead included 22 foreigners the official stated. Emergency personnel warned that the death toll could increase further.


The chaos occurred in the area of nightlife Itaewon

President Yoon declared a state of nationwide mourning during the speech he delivered live to his nation. “As president, who is responsible for the people’s lives and safety, my heart is heavy and I struggle to cope with my grief,” Yoon stated.

The president vowed that the authorities will “thoroughly investigate the cause of the incident and make fundamental improvements to ensure the same accident does not occur again in the future”.

Witnesses have reported seeing crowds surge in various directions, with individuals losing their feet on the slope. This caused the domino effect. Videos shared online to show people trying to help others away from the crowd with their arms.

A person who was witness to the incident tweeted: “People kept pushing down into the downhill club alley which led to other people screaming and falling like dominos.

Lee Beoms-suk

Lee Beoms-suk a physician who gave emergency aid to victims revealed to local media that he was witness to scenes of violence and destruction. “So many victims’ faces were pale,” the doctor told the station. “I couldn’t even detect their pulses or breathe. The blood was flowing from their nostrils. As I attempted CPR I also removed blood from the mouths of their victims.”

The majority of victims were in their teenage and early 20s.

Foreign leaders expressed their condolences.

The British premier

Mayor of Seoul, Oh Se-hoon returned from a trip to Europe and announced that an altar for memorials will be set up in Seoul Plaza on Monday,

so that people could pay respects on behalf of the dead. Most of the casualties are young people like our sons and daughters, which makes it even sadder, He said at the scene.

As the first questions

Flags of government agencies or other government buildings raised to half-mast in South Korea on Sunday. Many Halloween parades, events along with other activities were canceled and many shops across the country removed decorations and Halloween displays.

Over 400 rescue

People who are lying motionless in blankets of blue. Police shut down traffic in surrounding areas to speed the transfer of wounded to hospitals throughout the city.

Police shut down traffic in close areas to speed up the transport of wounded to hospitals throughout the city.

Witnesses described chaotic scenes in the aftermath of the massive crowds that police had difficulty controlling the crowd. Moon Ju-young, who is 21. He claimed that there was evident evidence of disorder on the streets prior to the incident. “It was at least 10 times more crowded than usual,” Moon claimed to Reuters.


About four dozen bodies 

The multitude of bars and eateries were crowded on the day of Halloween after businesses witnessed an eerie drop in the three years since the outbreak.

. The deaths of Saturday’s victims will likely bring attention to the work that authorities from the government have been doing to enhance standards of safety for the people who travel on the ferry after the tragedy.

It was the most devastating and fatal tragedy that has occurred in South Korean history. Associated Press, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse also contributed to this story



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