How can you block comments in Python?

How can you block comments in Python?

Python doesn’t support /*……*/ block comments or multi-line comments like Java, C++, and Java. There is also no block comment mechanism built into Python. There are many syntaxes and conventions for block comments in Python. Here we will explain how to add block comments to your Python code. How can you block comments in Python?


Python Block Comment

Comments are lines of text that have been marked in a program and are not subject to evaluation. In programming languages, there are two ways to comment.

How can you block comments in Python?
How can you block comments in Python?

Because it applies only to one line of the program’s source code, the first type is called single-line comments. Block comments have a start sign and an end sign. The computer ignores everything.

To add a Python block comment, you can use multiple #line comments

Python’s # character is the most popular way to comment out code blocks. The compiler ignores any line that begins with # in Python.
It is only considered a comment if there is more than one line of code after the # characters. This makes it great for single-line comments. You can also use it in multiple codes.

If you are working using Python within Jupyter-Notebookthese four tips will help you save time. In turn, it increases the efficiency of your work.

The keyboard has a variety of well-known shortcuts like Ctrl+Shift+- to separate cells and Shift+M for combining more cells. Shift+Down/Up select cells below or above the one you have selected.

How can you block comments in Python?
How can you block comments in Python?

However, the techniques I have listed here helped me save time on nearly every project. Utilizing them in your projects will surely help you save time because they will help you avoid repetitive work.

Block comment created in Python by using triple-quoted string literals

The triple-quoted syntax can be used with multi-line string strings to create a block comment in Python.  Triple quoted string literals that are not code-generating, however, must be properly indented within blocks to function correctly!

Indentation errors will occur if you use more than 4 spaces (or a tab).

Closing thoughts

We can create block comments using a triple-quoted multiline string since Python doesn’t have built-in support comments. Even if it is necessary to use the # character for multiple lines, regular Python comments should be used. Docstrings are not meant to be used for commenting code, but for documentation. You can find more information about Python concepts




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