Introduction to window 11:

It was released on 5 October 2021. It’s a free upgrade from the older version of Windows 10.  Windows 10, is available on all Windows 10 devices that meet the latest Windows 11 system requirements. Windows has always been there as a platform for world-class technological advancement. It’s the basis of international businesses, and it’s the place where startups with a shaky start became famous. The web came into existence and developed on Windows. It’s the platform where many of us made our first email or experienced our very first PC game, and even wrote our first code. WHY WINDOW 11?

Features of window 11:

It has simplified the user experience and design to increase your productivity as well as inspire your imagination. It’s contemporary, fresh clean and stunning. From the brand new Taskbar and Start buttons, to every sound, font and icon. It was all created purposefully to place you in control and provide a feeling of peace and calm. We placed Start in the middle and made it simpler to find quickly the information you require. Start uses the power of the cloud, as well as Microsoft 365 to show you the most recent files, regardless of which device or platform you used to view them previously, whether it was either an Android or iOS device.

It lets you instantly unmute and mute and start the presentation right from your taskbar. The game of gaming has been a key element to the essence of what Windows is about. Today, millions of users all over the world play on Windows and enjoy happiness and connections with their loved ones and acquaintances through gaming.

It is important to plan, prepare and launch Windows 11 just as you use today using Windows 10.

How to Get Windows 11?

It is necessary to know how you get Windows 11. The upgrade is offered on a free basis up to Windows 10 systems on a periodic basis, based on verified hardware configurations. The brand Windows 10 upgrade is available for all computers that meet the specifications. Are you able to purchase Windows 11 without buying a new computer? Yes, now you are able to. Build your own PC, build virtual machines installation.

Will windows 11 delete my files?

There is no way to lose your data if upgrading your computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11 on your personal computer. There are a lot of snarky thoughts on the minds of Windows 10 users with the Windows 11 upgrade process and the potential impact on the information of the user.

Do I have the ability to upgrade to Windows 11 without losing data?

It is the most frequently asked question is – What data will be erased when upgrading to Windows 11? For people who have any issues that are related to user data or Windows 11 upgrade, we would like to remind you that the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 will not cause any data loss to your system.


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