How to use adobe photoshop?


It is an editing application of graphics. It is used by many types of professionals such as graphics designing, photoshop, social media marketing amazon, and web development. A student or any other common man can also use it to edit his home photos. There are many difficulties which are to be faced by the students in the starting. Because it has so many tools and features. This is a wonderful application and is useful in all kinds of business and personal uses. Basically, although it’s for photos, you can use Photoshop to design websites, edit videos, and create 3D graphics. Before you can start using Photoshop, you need to purchase a plan and download Photoshop to your device. How to use adobe photoshop?

Introduction :

As a beginner, we need to know about photoshop. It is important to understand the anatomy of the program.

When you open the software, then you will have to see the main menu along the top, like other programs. Along the left side, you’ll see a sidebar that shows the main tools. On the right side, you’ll see the color tool and the layers tool.

How to Use Photoshop

How to open images and other documents in adobe photoshop?

as shown in the above figure, to open a new file or document or any photo click on ”file” in the top left menu. to create a new file. Select “New” to create a new file or blank document. you can also click “Open” to go through your computer and open an existing file. here you can name the file and select the dimension, resolution, and size you need.

Toolbox of photoshop:

On the left side of the given image, you see the toolbox. the top section is for selection, cropping, and slicing tools. these tools are used to select the part of some particular image, crop any image, and edit or enhance the size of the image.

  • The second section features are of retouch and paint tools.
  • The third section is drawing and typing tools. we use these tools to write text over your image or write our text or design.
  • How to select layers in photoshop?

  • Layers can be thought of as panes of glass stacked on top of each other. Multiple layers make it easy to edit parts of the image without ruining the rest of the final product. Easily add layers by clicking the eyeball icon to the left of each layer’s name Or you can delete it or “hide” the layer.
    sometimes photoshop creates layer automatically. sometimes there is a need to select it. it is necessary that you should give names to layers so that you will avoid confusion. if you need to move one part of the logo if your layer will be separate then you will be able to move it.
  • Use of pen tool in photoshop:
  • To draw different types of our own images we use the pen tool.
  • We can use a curvature tool or curvature Pen to draw straight segments and curves intuitively
    1. A free-form pen that allows you to draw freely as if you were using a pen and paper
      Magnetic pen for drawing paths that snap to edges of more precisely defined edges.
    2. Click where you want the first anchor to go. do not leave it. then Click where you want your curve segment to end.
    3. type tool in photoshop: As the name indicates that it is for typing or writing. By it, you can also be able to make good font styles. you should OTF OR TTF file because it has many fonts.
      The use of gradient tool in photoshop:
      A gradient is a smooth transition between two or more colors. Color gradients are great as backgrounds for product photography and advertising. They are an easy way to add color and a professional look.
      you can also make your own gradient.

      lasso tool in photoshop: it helps to select any particular part of the image. then we can isolate it and cut it out. custom shaped and with the help of the lasso tool.                   Standard Lasso tool:

      simply draw the shape you want to crop while holding down the mouse button. To control how the selection closes, we recommend returning to the starting point. If you don’t return to the start point, a straight line will be drawn between the start and end points, closing the selection.

      Polygonal Lasso: It is used to draw a straight line between two points.

    4. Advantages of photoshop:                                                                                                                                                                    1) It can help you to create a brand that your audience can identify easily and clearly, making it easier for them to choose to buy from you. This is the benefit of it.    2) Top-class branding images can be created using this. 3) PS is very important in web designing and other editing. 4) spot healing tool: This tool is used to remove different spots and smudges. It makes our photo clear.

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